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The tech


The process


We want to know why your idea makes sense, why people will care about it, and why it’s going to be successful. We will dig deep into the assumptions it’s based on, and challenge the idea. We’ll bring our experience in crypto, software, and business to the project, to help make it more compelling to the market. We work only on projects we believe are strong, so we can ensure every single element is up to the highest possible standard.


We cover the full development cycle, from design prototypes to maintenance and support. Depending on the strategy we agree on, we can craft quick MVPs, design extensible architecture, or dedicate full-time people on long-term projects. We are full stack and we like to build solutions of any complexity


We are in crypto from as early as 2012, and we have an extensive network of trusted crypto professionals who will validate your business, help you with marketing, or introduce you to key industry contacts. Crypto is very diverse – at one point you might need a legal corporate consultant for your AML strategy; another time anonymous twitter influencers to introduce you to masternode staking pools. These people can be difficult to get hold of if you’re not in their networks.